Chair of Multimedia Telecommunications and Microelectronics
Research expertise

For the expertise in electromagnetic fields and waves, antennas and propagation see Electromagnetic waves and fields

Areas of expertise:

  • Video compression: AVC, SVC, MVC, HEVC, 3D
  • 3D video creation and processing: depth estimation, view synthesis, free-viewpoint video
  • Video processing: surveillance applications.
  • Video watermarking
  • Audio compression and processing: low-bitrate coding, USAC, spatial audio etc.
  • Video and audio codec implementations - software and hardware (FPGA etc.)
  • Digital television, interactive television, free-view tv
  • IP cores development, FPGA programming, Design for FPGA

International standardization activities in multimedia:

  • ~80 contributions to MPEG (ISO) and JVT / JCT-VC / JCT-3V (ISO + ITU).
  • Our scalable video codec was ranked within three the best codecs in MPEG March 2004 contest for scalable coding (the other codecs were from HHI Berlin and MS Research Asia)
  • Organization of the 73rd MPEG and 16th JVT Meetings in Poznań (July 2005) – first meeting in Central Europe
  • Proposal to USAC – SBR extension (Audio group, 2010)
  • Improvements to Depth Estimation Reference Software
  • We have been ranked among two the best proponents worldwide - for 3D HEVC-based video codec – November 2011

Examples of major research achievements with practical implications: